Sumatran Orangutan, Why They Don’t Jump? Who They Are? What They Do?

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The things that will come up, after hearing anything about monkeys or apes, will lead us to imagine for a moment that these are living creatures that run, jump, and rule the rainforest canopy referring to their agility. The conclusion that will be made, for those who prioritize effectiveness and efficiency, will say it is a waste of energy.

Orangutans could be recognized as an expert in conserving energy, study claims orangutan don’t jump like most arboreal mammals led by some evidence claiming orangutan save their energy to survive.

Jumping is another strategy used, but is only applied with the trees are stiff enough to jump easily and not use too much energy. “Heavier orangutans don’t jump, and we may have an explanation why.” Dr. Lewis Halsey says.

Expert opinions have come to one point labeling orangutans to be masters of conserving energy, definitely, this study’s finds cannot be separated from how orangutans survive.

female orangutan in bukit lawang

“Creating a basic knowledge of the orangutan movement in Bukit Lawang which mostly occurred during the jungle trek for nearly 10 years, has drawn my attention to their feeding behavior. It shows how their daily routines are triggered by the available foods in their surroundings. The conclusion could be taken based on their day-spending styles, at one point showing they might be lazy apes, or it’s their genetics, both create more arguments.” Bobi Handoko.

A shocking point was sent to me through WhatsApp, from an ex-pilot in Bretagne, France, who has become a friend of mine for almost 7 years, after watching a video of a drowning orangutan into the water at Zoo in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. “So, what about swimming?”

Swimming may not be recognized as parkour moves, but it’s an initiated process ahead to produce parkour moves. Orangutan seems to have found it extremely difficult to produce these deliberate muscle moves. Seeing how gorillas can jump, of course, mass is one thing that could never be an excuse for why orangutans don’t jump.

Some reasons may have concluded that orangutans might be able to jump due to their functioning flexible knee and ankle joints, but let’s not forget or ignore the brain’s role in Hominidae in controlling posture and movement, the cerebellum plays a big part in it, apes have larger cerebellums than humans which study believes, it pushes their demanded lifestyle to arboreal, so why they haven’t jumped like they’re supposed to be?

Their label to be masters in conserving energy must be initiated by a unique neurological process in their brain, a stimulation point seems to be missing in this movement part.

drowning orangutan vietnam

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