Bird Watching

Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra

Our bird-watching activity will be started in the morning, and the location could be around, and outside Bukit Lawang such as Landak river, Panorama view, Batu Katak, and Selang Pangeran, it can even be inside Gunung Leuser National Park. Our accommodation is also a good place to spot birds a few minutes before sunrise. We prioritize safety and comfort, but it is also important to those who are already in Bukit Lawang and want to do this activity, to follow the rules and preparations that have been set and arranged.


SUMECO (Sumatra Ecoproject) is a wildlife conservation organization based in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra, we are committed to conducting responsible tourism activities. to support the preservation of the biodiversity of Gunung Leuser National Park.

Chloropsis sonnerati

Greater Green Leaf Bird

Aegithina tiphia

Common Iora

Aplonis panayensis

Asian Glossy Starling

Aegithina tiphia

Common Iora

endemic bird species indonesia scaled




BirdLife International noted that Indonesia is home to at least 17% of all bird species around the world and it is in 4th position with its bird species diversity. However, based on its endemicity, Indonesia is ranked at 1st position for its most number of endemic bird species in the world. A new study on the avian world has scientifically proven, more neurons have been found in avian brains than in mammalian brains. Birds nowadays are believed, to have almost similar difficulty levels with mammals, in finding mates. Avian evolution has stepped into a stage that we may have never seen before, we may have to start to believe those birds wanted to look smart, attractive, energic, and confident in their mating rituals. The biological complexity of birds should be made into something to be fully respected instead of being misused by the so-called highly intelligent being who keep putting birds into cages. Biological interactions such as the communication between males and females among birds have been scientifically considered to become necessary instruments and components in our living environment.


Bird watching, also known as birding, is a popular recreational activity that involves observing and studying birds in their natural habitats. Bird watchers, or birders, typically use binoculars or spotting scopes to get a closer look at birds and identify them based on their appearance, behaviors, and sounds.


Bird watching in Bukit Lawang can be done in various settings, including inside, and outside Gunung Leuser National Park. It is a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, from casual bird enthusiasts to dedicated ornithologists.


Being patient and observant during the birding is important, birds can be elusive and easily startled. Take your time, move slowly, and remain quiet while observing them. Look for visual cues, such as plumage patterns, size, and shape, as well as listen to their calls and songs.


Remember, bird watching is about enjoying and appreciating the beauty of birds in their natural habitats while respecting their well-being. Avoid disturbing nesting sites, follow local regulations, and maintain a safe distance to minimize any potential impact on the birds and their environment. Enjoy the process of discovery and the wonders of the avian world!

If you are interested to do bird watching in Bukit Lawang, feel free to contact me through WhatsApp by clicking the button below. We advise you to frequently check the weather forecast in Bukit Lawang. Bukit Lawang is a village that often experiences sudden rain, so taking a simple raincoat is essential.




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