Snakes in Bukit Lawang and Gunung Leuser National Park

During the Herping and Rescue

Below is a list of the species of snakes that I found during the rescue in Bukit Lawang and trekking inside Gunung Leuser National Park. All the snakes that have been found were photographed by myself. All pictures belong to SUMECO (Sumatra Ecoproject). There are many species of snakes in Bukit Lawang as a village that is positively impacted by the biodiversity of Gunung Leuser National Park. The best way to display this page is by using the desktop view.


In general, there hasn’t been much research done on Sumatra’s herpetofauna; only a few places, like Gunung Leuser National Park, have received thorough examinations. Approximately 93 species of frogs, including 21 endemic species, have been identified on mainland Sumatra, according to a recent report. There are also about 133 snake species (26 endemics), 72 lizard species (16 endemics), and 13 non-marine turtle species. However, due to the scant sampling efforts made in many places up to this point, several new species have been finally identified and described.


If you are interested to do herping and nocturnal hikes in Bukit Lawang, feel free to contact me through WhatsApp by clicking the button below. We advise you to frequently check the weather forecast in Bukit Lawang. Bukit Lawang is a village that often experiences sudden rain, so taking a simple raincoat is essential.




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