Snake Rescue

Education, Mitigation & Relocation

Bungarus flaviceps

Red-Headed Krait

Ophiophagus hannah

King Cobra

Ophiophagus hannah

King Cobra

Naja sumatrana

Sumatran Spitting Cobra

Snake Handling Procedure

Safety is priority

SUMECO has rescued hundreds of snakes in Bukit Lawang and outside Bukit Lawang, we always prioritize safety and proper handling. Our snake rescue program is not for entertainment, but purely for the sake of ecology and human safety. The tourism activity that is involved in herpetology study, will definitely provide a strong contribution to our operational efforts on the ground. SUMECO receives many calls from villagers who may need our help with snake removal. It’s very important for us to be always ready to respond to the call quickly.


We always offered education to those who needed a basic knowledge of snakes, as the snake has become a strong part to the Gunung Leuser National Park ecosystem, our collected data has shown there are many species of snakes found inside and outside Gunung Leuser National Park as the natural element of its biodiversity.

Human-Snake Conflict Management

Snake rescue operations play a central part in our wildlife rescue work. Hundreds of snakes have been successfully rescued and returned to the wild since 2014, more than 65 of these were king cobras.


We provide a 24-7 call service for snake rescue. It covers 7 villages, where the villagers can contact us if they find a snake inside residential buildings. Besides king cobras and pythons, we have also rescued other venomous snakes such as vipers, kraits, spitting cobras, and rat snakes that are considered to become pests or harmful animals by villagers.


All rescued snakes will always be released into the rainforest far away from human settlements to minimize the chance of future human-snake conflicts. Although king cobra and python rescues have contributed to the majority of our snake rescue work, we are committed to the rescue of all snake species. In addition to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, we also provide education and awareness programs to local villages and rangers. Part of these programs covers snake ecology and raises awareness of the importance of snake conservation.


We understand that people in the region may see snakes as a danger, so we discourage people from killing them, and contact us instead to carry out the rescue. However, every rescue operation comes at a financial cost, and funds are much needed to ensure we can carry them out in addition to our other daily operations.

Any support is highly appreciated, and all funds will be used thoughtfully to work towards the accomplishment of our projects

There is a spirit to keep, because there will be more animals to be saved


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